Saturday, July 4, 2009

Check out Azeem - Basic Maneuvers / the Fire 2006 for free!

Basic Maneuvers / the Fire 2006

Do you like Basic Maneuvers / the Fire? It's my favorite release from Azeem.
Experiment 2 (featuring the Architect) is very mad song.
DOWNLOAD Basic Maneuvers / the Fire!!!

Genre: hip-hop
  • Basic Maneuvers (featuring Myka Nyne)
  • Basic Maneuvers instrumental (by Anas Cannon)
  • This Song (featuring the Architect)
  • The Fire (featuring DJ Zeph)
  • The Fire instrumental (by DJ Zeph)
  • The Fire acapella
  • Experiment 2 (featuring the Architect)

Listen Basic Maneuvers / the Fire release demo here.
Complete tracklist! No additional software or browser plugins required! You can copy them for unlimited number of times.
Downloaded mp3 will work perfectly on any PC, DVD player, PDA etc.
Azeem - Basic Maneuvers / the Fire 2006 - click here


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